Another Austria 2014

20 – 24 February 2015
3rd Floor Gallery Brewer Street

London International
Fashion Showcase London
Fashion Week 2015

Curatorial Statement 2014

Making Another Austria by Claudia Rosa Lukas

Designers and Artists


ACF Design Showcase: Fashion

Fashion Films

Adia Trischler & Andreas Waldschütz

Show installation

Jason Kerley & William Lynch

Accompanying events at Austrian Cultural Forum London

Design Showcase: Fashion
Thursday 6 February 2014, 6pm, ACF London

Exhibition continues until 7 March 2014

The ACF offers a special evening event exploring the theme ‘fashion in-house’. In conjunction with the launch of the second Design Showcase, Austrian designer Sophie Skach will present a performative display of her menswear collection inspired by mathematics. The Design Showcase features accessories and showpieces by young Austrian fashion designers selected from an open call. Designers: AWARENESS & CONSCIOUSNESS, Sonja Bischur, HARTMANN NORDENHOLZ, Maiken Domenica Kloser, Wie-yi Lauw, Geraldine Massing, Konstanze Prechtl.

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Fashion Films
Tuesday 18 February, 7pm, ACF London

Acclaimed fashion filmmakers Adia Trischler and Andreas Waldschütz introduce some of their most recent works in an evening dedicated to the investigation of film in fashion. Vienna-born Andreas Waldschütz is a photographer and video artist. Adia Trischler, originally from New York, is currently based in Austria and works as a creative director, stylist, and fashion film director. Their most recent release Tintagle was commissioned by Vogue Italia.

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