Dimitrije Gojkovic

Women's wear

After completing his studies and apprenticeships in Serbia and
Switzerland, Croatian born Dimitrije Gojkovic moved to Austria to
attend Vienna’s University of Applied Arts. Learning under the tutorage
of not one, but three legendary professors – Véronique Branquinho,
Bernhard Willhelm and Hussein Chalayan – meant that Gojkovic
was exposed to diversity, inspiration, and great talents, all aspects
sharpening his already precise eye for design.
His 2015 graduate collection New Wool came out with a bang,
clearly establishing his potential on the international fashion scene.
Delving into the state of sleepiness, the moment when the portal
to the subconscious opens, Gojkovic uproots the conventional idea
of dreaminess, in its place infusing this human state with lushness
and purpose.
He manages to turn wool into a completely versatile material,
far from its heavy winter connotations. Transforming it into elegant,
flowing, and innovative designs, he plays with the muted colours,
precise shapes and outlines to create a heavy-headed world on
the border of the real.