Flora Miranda

Women's wear

Salzburg-born Flora Miranda attained the top degree in Fashion
Design from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.
She also gained valuable work experience at Iris Van Herpen’s studio
in Amsterdam. Her unique take on fashion has been winning her
numerous prizes both in Austria and abroad, including the Special
Prize for use of technology, awarded by Mittelmoda in Italy.
Flora’s interest in the otherworldly is evident, and her exploration
of teleportation, the disintegration of physical borders, and transcendence
of time and space are directly translated into her pieces.
Her futuristic silhouettes, pay no respect to nature or limits, and are
entirely stripped of emotion: Flora is carving her own path, paying
no attention to mainstream demands.
Her designs are taken from the future, and applied to the present.
Her technological influences, explorations of space/time travel,
and her unique vision filled with sculptural 3D effect pieces striking
on the eye, create a sci-fi spectacle underlined with true talent.