Isabel Helf


Isabel’s Austrian heritage and her time spent at the Womenswear
course at Schloss Hetzendorf in Vienna are complimented by her
studies in London, where she graduated from the London College
of Fashion with an MA in Fashion Artefact. Success followed soon
after, and in 2015 she received the Accessories award in partnership
with YKK from the International Talent Support in Italy.
Coupling traditional craftsmanship with new, digital and selfdeveloped
methods, Isabel creates accessories that sit between
furniture, product and fashion design. Her curiosity towards the
variety of human characteristics and behavioural patterns is evident
in her work, but also her passion for woodwork, particularly for
high-end materials.
Her collections reflect urbanism seeped through contemporary
individuals, but also show off their playful and whimsical side.
Her uplifting works portray a desire to understand the world
by deconstructing it, and adopting a different angle. Her designs
are the epitome of architecture turned fun, whilst maintaining
elegance and utility.