Roshi Porkar

Women's wear

As a graduate of Vienna’s University of Applied Arts, Roshi Porkar
was able to study under Véronique Branquinho and Bernhard Willhelm.
After landing an assistantship with Willhelm right after school, she
soon moved on to a design internship with Lanvin. In April 2014 she
participated at the 29th edition of the International Festival of Fashion
and Photography in Hyères where she won the Chloé Prize.
The undeniable tour de force of Roshi has catapulted her career
over the past year, with her refined and utterly modern take on clothing
being recognised as star-worthy. Roshi utilizes her cultural influences
to develop a melting pot of materials, textures, and purposes, turning
out collections and sweeping up the best reviews.
Each of her pieces tells its own story, informed by an inspired and
educated mind, and created by a gifted hand, never afraid of unusual
tailoring, bold prints, or strange shapes. Roshi’s eye-catching designs
are a seamless unity of her experiences, whether in Paris or LA,
merged with a truly unique aesthetic.