Sabrina Stadlober

Men´s wear

Loden has a rich history in Austria – designed and worn by the Alpine
population, and made to withstand harsh weather and exposed natural
landscapes. Today, the fabric enters a new age of reinvention. Sabrina
Stadlober is at the forefront of the movement towards the future when it
comes to interpreting traditional textile processes, aiming for functional,
high-quality garments, focusing on wearability, and weaving into them
a part of Austria’s nature.
Sabrina chose to work with loden from a weaving mill in Austria that
uses extra-fine Australian Merino wool. Her expertise with the fabric is
exhibited through her method of ‘creating flexible and protective surfaces
by pleating and smoking the fabric, showing how easily it can be transformed
without cutting or wasting material’. Making it clear that loden might be
an Austrian tradition but is far from being immune to global transformations,
Sabrina soaks up modern processes and collaborates with forward-thinking
people on an international level.
Inspired by suits of armour from the Styrian Armoury in Graz, Sabrina’s
pieces retain the utilitarian benefit of loden, ‘resulting in water-resistance,
climate regulation and comfort’, all the while producing highly modern and
urban-ready pieces. Bringing out the best of both history and the present in
her designs, she manages to reach new ground.