Remade Fashion

‘Cloths found in old stocks or at flea markets function as the basis for my fashion; torn apart and knit together again, I place them in a new up-to-date context.’

Anita Steinwidder, founder of the Austrian fashion label STEINWIDDER (previously known as ‘unartig’), is a self-taught fashion designer living and working in Vienna. Steinwidder graduated in 2000 from the University of Technology Graz, with a degree in architecture, but swiftly began designing and producing clothes in 2002. Her approach to design is unusual. Unlike most other fashion designers, Steinwidder’s working process does not originate in drawing, but rather, in the three-dimensional materiality of already existing objects. Second-hand clothes and articles are cut up or ripped apart and reconfigured into original forms with new functions and different conceptual contexts. Each item of clothing is unique and carefully crafted by herself as well as a team of co-workers at her studio in Vienna. Steinwidder’s project-oriented collections all emphasise organic shapes, structures and relief-like surfaces, interestingly expressing a strong architectonic awareness of space and spatiality. Her designs are sold in Tokyo, Berlin, Verona and her own shop Glanz & Gloria in Vienna.

STEINWIDDER was awarded the Vienna Chamber of Commerce Fashion Pruduction Prize at the 2011 Austrian Fashion Awards, and the Green & Clean Fashion Award in May 2011. In 2012 STEINWIDDER won the Modepalast Best of 10 Prize.