Design Showcase: Fashion at the Austrian Cultural Forum

The highly anticipated Design Showcase at the Austrian Cultural Forum is an exhibition pioneering the work of young avant-garde designers and artists presenting their own take on craft, culture and aesthetics.

This one-off display of accessory design, features the works of seven young designers, as chosen through an open call, which received over 50 applications. The selection has been made with the aim of finding and displaying unique and less commercial pieces, which share a strong sense of individuality, high level of craftsmanship and captivating presence. The resulting showcase is a collection of jewellery and accessory objects very much diverse in their nature, but all connected by their exquisite design. Ranging from the organic expressiveness of Geraldine Massing’s jewellery, Wie-yi Lauw’s mythical and delicate adornments, Awareness &Consciousness’ hand-dyed babywear, the conceptual preciseness of HARTMANN NORDENHOLZ’s accessories, Sonja Bischur’s strikingly elegant and fashion-forward jewellery, as well as the vibrant accessories by Konstanze Prechtl and theatrical headpieces by Maiken Domenica Kloser, this Design Showcase is anything but one-dimensional. Through the fusion of various artistic visions, innovative techniques, individual personalities and undeniable talent, the lines between art, design, fashion and craft are blurred and crossed-over. 

Complimenting and extending the presentation of young Austrian talent during the International Fashion Showcase, the Design Showcase at the ACF hopes to authentically portray the current creative movement among the designers of the Austrian scene, adopting a more global and international outlook.

6 February to 7 March 2014
Monday to Friday,
9 am – 5 pm 

Austrian Cultural Forum London
28 Rutland Gate, SW7 1PQ