Fashion Films: Adia Trischler & Andreas Waldschütz

‘Throughout the world, countries and personal relationships are becoming more and more diverse, and it is important to create situations and dialogues that reflect this change. Our work aims to do just that; to highlight the versatility of the individual and a present moment, rather than relying on the limiting and sometimes ignorant ideas of the ancestry and identity of the past.’

Adia Trischler is a fashion film director, creative director, image consultant and fashion editor, with a background in acting, at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Experimental Theatre Wing, and London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She started off working as a personal shopper and stylist for musicians such as Lauryn Hill of The Fugees, and in March 2013, Adia was awarded the prize for ‘Stylist of the Year’ at The Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle. 

Vienna-born Andreas Waldschütz is a photographer, director and video artist based in Austria. Together with Trischler, he has served as a jury member twice at The Fashion Video Festival in Budapest, Hungary (2010 and 2011). Their joint work has been screened and exhibited widely across the world. The release of Tintagel 2013, commissioned by Vogue Italia, was screened at ASVOFF 6 Centre Pompidou, Paris; Once Upon A Time 2013 at ASVOFF St. Petersburg;Mr. and Mrs. Bugg(dream a vacation) 2012 at ASVOFF Milano, Dutch Design Week (CICADA) Eindhoven, Papercut Mag online NY, Filep Motwary online Athens, W Hotels Bali, to name but a few.

Trischler and Waldschütz met each other five years ago in Vienna, at a time when Trischler was new to Austria and Waldschütz had recently returned to Vienna after spending several years in San Francisco and London. With a shared background in different visual arts, a love of fairy tales and desire to create fashion imagery rooted in fantasy, they formed a creative team in 2009 and began to produce narrative based fashion imagery. They have been directing fashion films in collaboration with young international designers since 2010, and feel passionately about promoting young designers from all over Europe. For Trischler and Waldschütz, cultural research and ‘remixing’ are integral to the casting process and development of their projects. Imbued with honesty and imagination, the films of Trischler and Waldschütz confront their audience with situations that counteract normal prejudices and superficial predispositions, and seek to present a story without history.

18 February 2014, 7pm
Austrian Cultural Forum London
28 Rutland Gate, SW7 1PQ