Another Austria 2015

20–24 February 2015
3rd Floor Gallery Brewer Street

London International
Fashion Showcase London
Fashion Week 2015

Curatorial Statement 2015

Making Another Austria by Claudia Rosa Lukas

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Text Contributions

Creative Writing on Fashion vs. Fashion Journalismus
by Rebecca May Johnson
Fashion and Fiction
by Monica Titton
On Safari with Black Beauty
by Karin Cerny
Narrative Threads: Writing the Rorschach Blot
by Jen Calleja

Accompanying events at Austrian Cultural Forum London

Britta Burger

Britta Burger. Fashion and Photography
10 February - 2April 2015

As a photographer and journalist on the interface of art, subculture, social criticism and style, Britta Burger approaches fashion photography as a balancing act between journalism and commerce. Fashion promotes constant change and creates a desire for the unnecessary, while Burger’s photography also explores the less marketable aspects of consumerism.
Her fashion stories – all produced with a certain pressure to sell a magazine, product, or lifestyle – are shown alongside her documentary photography about people on the fringes of style, fashion and society. Sometimes the only difference is the context. 

Instead of an exhibition catalogue Burger has produced a free limited edition fanzine with photos, posters and quotes from social media conversations and emails.

The exhibition is presented in conjunction with London Fashion Week and the British Council's International Fashion Showcase.

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Another Austria: Narrative Threads
Tuesday 17 February 2015, 7.00pm

In conjunction with Britta Burger’s fashion photography exhibition and Another Austria: Writing Fashion at the International Fashion Showcase, the ACF presents a special evening of fashion and literature.
Six authors have been commissioned to write texts (poems and short stories) to accomany the designs featured in the Another Austria exhibition. These texts will be read alongside a presentation of the designs which inspired them.

Participating Authors: 
Amy Key
, Alex MacDonald
, Michael Amherst
, Rebecca May Johnson, 
Teresa Präauer, 
Miriam H. Auer

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Jen Calleja

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Manuela Mitevova

Translation Introduction:
Michael Wetzel

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Christoph Dostal

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Healeys Print Group

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