Kris Hofmann


Fashion Remix

‘I direct animations and I work as a designer. Mainly I collect things, give life to beautiful objects and let them tell a story.’

Originally from Austria, Kris Hofmann moved to London in 2004 to study Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Art. Her shift toward animation occurred during her MA at the Royal College of Art, where she produced her graduate animation film, Breakfast. The film was widely acclaimed and screened at numerous international film festivals, upon which she received funding for her second short film, Screwed Up, through the ‘Innovative Film Austria’ scheme by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, the Arts and Culture.

In 2009, Kris was awarded the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum Illustration Award for her pioneering work on Anna Kavan’s novel Ice. She has recently completed a number of commissions, both moving and still, including work for Granta and Madrid Fashion Week.

For Another Austria, Kris has produced a stylish stop frame animation with music from the Quad Streetwalks by Callrider. She uses circular perspex segments of different transparencies to create an intriguing interplay between various designers’ looks on a seemingly rotating disc. Much like the way in which one would spin a record on a turntable, an interactive display allows visitors of the exhibition to control the player and thereby the pace of the film through touch. The result is a constantly unique remix of the film. The project was kindly supported by Microsoft, Nexus Interactive Arts and Clapham Road Studios.

Hofmann works and resides in London. She continues to craft beautiful objects into moving narratives that touch upon the realities of modern existence.