meshit is the Austrian fashion label created by Ida Steixner and Lena Krampf. They completed their studies in 2008 and formed the label in 2009, having gained extensive knowledge of fashion production through their work experience with Austrian designer Claudia Brandmair and Viennese shoe-manufacturer Ludwig Reiter. Since then, meshit has enjoyed a growing success in Europe. In October 2009, the label was selected for the pioneer project of Departure, an Austrian platform that supports up-and-coming talents from the creative industries. Their Spring  /  Summer 2011 collection was added to British retailer Topshop’s exclusive pick of international emerging fashion talents, and in June 2011, the label won the Fashion Award of the City of Vienna at the Austrian Fashion Awards. Finally, in March 2012 they presented their Autumn  /  Winter 2012  /  13 collection during the finals of the Best Newcomer Award at the Vienna Awards, as well as presenting the collaboration-collection meshit + Daliah with photographer Daliah Spiegel during the Festival for Fashion and Photography at the WoodWood-Store in Vienna.

As suggested by the name, Steixner and Krampf enjoy experimenting with contrasting aesthetic codes and cultural concepts. Tapping into the world of youth culture, their designs combine clean shapes and special detailing by playfully ‘meshing’ or fitting together distinct elements into one unique design. Tight and oversized volumes, androgynous shapes and sensual fabrics, classic attire and edgy finishes blend together, allowing each individual to create their own style. Appealing particularly to the young and urban, trend-conscious crowd, their imaginative collections include easy-to-wear outfits as well as more singular pieces for the fashion daring.

meshit can be found in shops in Vienna, Berlin, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Rome, Barcelona and New York and online through shops based in London, Tokyo and Hongkong.